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How to restore the speed of Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba is a world renowned brand in the field of technology. The Customers swear by on its products for they are the best when it comes to advance technology and remarkable features. The high-quality produce makes a product unparalleled in its performance. The brand has endorsed many products in its name such as laptops, desktops, PCs, printers, scanners, etc. It has a wide variety of products to say the least and that too, of the highest quality. However, no matter how good the products, the fault lies with the technology as it tends to develop issues over time. Sometimes, Toshiba laptops start to work slowly and that is utterly mind-boggling as we perceive it. But you must not worry as we have solution for this problem.

Follow the steps:

  • Select the start menu and move forward to Control panel.
  • Now choose Add/Remove programs button.
  • You must remove all the unused files in order to clear some space from the device for excessive amount of data causes the device to slow down.
  • Most important step here to free your laptop from viruses and spyware; Run a spyware removal tool to clean your device, if you laptop doesn’t have this tool pre-installed, then, you can download it from internet.
  • Clear up your internet cache that holds a lot of junk. Go to the Internet Explorer and select Tools menu and in there choose Internet Options.
  • There you will see a general tab; select it and later select browsing history.
  • Select the option delete files to clear un-necessary files.
  • Now perform a defragmentation on your hard drive by opening Disk Defragmenter.
  • To do so, select Start, then choose all programs. Later click on accessories.
  • Now go to System tools and then ‘Disk Defragmenter’.

You can contact Toshiba Tech Support in case you desire further help and a deep insight into this issue.

For further details, you can contact Toshiba support centre.

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