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How to backup files in Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba is a brand that is widely trusted and praised for the products it offers to a large number of users around the world. It is the quality of their products which maintains the ability of them to perform remarkably. In the times like now, when a laptop is not a mere device, but a thing full of your data and personal belongings as in work and things related to you. We presume it to be utterly important to save this data from malware and spyware and that it is indispensable to keep a backup of your data. It is not a hard nut to crack, however, one needs some sort of insight into the process of it. Follow the steps below to know how to backup files in your Toshiba Laptop.

  • Select the Start option or you can press windows button on the keyboard.
  • Once you select backup or restore option from Start menu, it will launch the file backup interface.
  • Now you are supposed to connect an external drive or CD/DVD, in whichever device you want to save your backup.
  • You have to choose the Set up backup option.
  • Now choose the backup media and click on Next.
  • Here, you can either select the radio button in order to enable Windows to select the backup files automatically, or you can choose them manually as well and after selecting the files, click on OK option.
  • If you wish to set day and frequency for future backup then, select Change schedule option and after this choose frequency and day from the drop-down menu and select Ok.
  • Now to complete the process, click on ‘Save settings and run Backup’ option. All the files will start to backup from now on.

You can contact Toshiba Customer Support if you feel like having a little more help from the experts in their team.

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