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How Can I Restore My Toshiba Laptop To Factory Settings?

Are you looking for a solution to reset a Toshiba laptop? There may be two reasons if you want to do this; either the system has been crashed or it is working too slowly. To make your laptop working fast resetting it to factory settings is the best option. Don’t worry if Recovery CD is not with you because many laptops come with a hidden partition on the hard drive which can restore the data and make it new. Let’s begin the process:

  • Shut down your laptop after saving your current work.
  • Detach all the external peripherals connected to it such as mouse, keyboard, USB hubs, monitors, Bluetooth adapters etc.
  • Now, connect your laptop to its charger and turn the switch on.
  • Press power button to turn on your system and immediately press and hold down the 0 key. When you see a warning message on the screen, release the key.
  • If the recovery process asks you to choose an Operating system, then select the appropriate one.
  • Another warning message will appear as “All the data will be deleted once the recovery method initiates”. You have to select Yes button to proceed with the steps.
  • The process for recovery will start now and it will show you “Recovery of Factory Software” option. Select this option and follow the further instructions to complete the method.

Please note that if your system has Windows 7 then these steps will work easily. But, not all Toshiba models are the same and the users need to follow the slightly different method. Moreover, depending on the hard drive of your system, the reset process may take 15 minutes to over 2 hours. Also, it may require rebooting the system several times. So, be patient.

In case the customers need to solve their queries or need help regarding any issue of Toshiba laptop then, contact us via Toshiba Customer Service. We are always available for our clients to help them in every possible manner.

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